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  • We pride ourselves in being a family-oriented Club. Throughout the wrestling season, we work together closely. The winter months of our season are long, cold, and busy, and we like to keep everyone involved to keep warm! Our Club is run by volunteers and we need everyone to lend a hand to make the experience the best for the wrestlers.
  • We like to keep everyone well-informed. We are going to use Team Snap again this season, which is a comprehensive registration and communication tool. After you register your wrestler, you will receive emails and text messages from our Club via Team Snap. Additionally, you will use Team Snap throughout the season as a sign up tool. You can conveniently access Team Snap using your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. You can even download the app! After registration closes, everyone who registered will receive an email inviting you to join. You need to accept that invitation to become a part of our Boyertown Youth Wrestling Club community.
  • WEBSITE: is the website we will use to communicate with you in conjunction with Team Snap. It contains links to Club contact information and other important links and documents.
  • OPEN HOUSE: All families are welcome to join us to learn about our Club on October 18, 2021, between 6-8pm.
  • FIRST PRACTICE: Step Levels 1-3 will begin the season on November 12, 2021. All parents and wrestlers must attend practice during their allotted time. Parents will attend an informational meeting. Wrestlers will visit stations to complete various tasks and meet coaches. This practice will be unique and serve as a night where we prepare both parents and wrestlers for the season. Even if you are a returning family, you need to attend this evening.
  • STEP LEVEL INFORMATION: Step 1 includes grades 1 & 2; Step 2 includes grades 3 & 4; Step 3 includes grades 5 & 6
  • Your wrestler will practice two nights each week. Advanced wrestlers will participate in an extra optional practice. Practices are held in the evening.
    • What to wear to practice:
      • Shorts: no pockets
      • Tee shirt: no hoods, strings, zippers
      • Wrestling shoes: no street shoes allowed on the mats
      • Purchase wrestling shoes at a sporting goods store
      • BYWC has upcycled shoes available
      • Headgear: purchase at a sporting goods store
    • Hygiene:
      • Your child's fingernails should be cut short at all times
      • Your child should shower immediately after any mat time
      • If there are any signs of skin infection or rash on your child, please notify your Step Level head coach immediately
  • In December, we hold our K-6 Invitational Tournament. The date is December 12, 2021.
  • UNIFORM: Wrestlers wear a uniform called a singlet to wrestle in matches. We have two options for singlets this year. First, families can choose to rent a singlet. To do so requires a rental deposit of $55.00. We will collect your deposit by check when we distribute singlets. When you return your singlet at the last practice in February 2022, we will return your check. If you do not return your singlet, we will cash your check as a replacement fee after that date. This year we will also have a singlet purchasing option available. You can purchase your singlet for $55.00. If you choose this option, you can pay with cash or check and you do not need to return your singlet at the end of the season.
  • FUNDRAISER: Families will sell lottery tickets for a Fundraiser. Upon paying for registration, each family will also pay $75.00 for one Step Level wrestler, and receive 15 tickets. You will have weeks to sell the tickets, complete stubs, and turn those stubs into your Team Mom. You keep any money you collect from selling tickets as you have already paid. All ticket stubs must be turned-in by our banquet in March to be eligible for the lottery drawing. Winners are announced at the banquet and contacted immediately.
  • Matches start in December and run through February. They are always on a Saturday and they last for approximately 4-5 hours. Wrestlers are not required to wrestle in matches. It is at the discretion of the family and coach. We will be calling upon volunteers to help run matches smoothly. You will need to indicate that your child plans to wrestle in a match the Wednesday before it occurs, using Team Snap. We will show you how to do this at our parent meeting.
  • Our wrestlers will have the opportunity to participate in several Club sponsored tournaments throughout the season.
  • We end our season in March with a family dinner banquet.
  • Communication with your coach is key to providing your child with a positive experience on the mat. Please do not hesitate to contact your Step Level head coach with questions or concerns you may have.
  • Please read the Parent Handbook under the Forms and Documents link to become acquainted with our Club mission, philosophy, and team rules.
  • Please refer to the Parent's Guide to Youth Wrestling under the Forms and Documents link if you have questions about the sport of wrestling.
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