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Hall of Fame History

The creation of the Boyertown Wrestling Hall of Fame occurred during the 1989-90 wrestling season when Boyertown was celebrating its first twenty-five years of existence. A group of wrestling alumni, past coaches, and wrestling enthusiasts felt that it was important to pay tribute to the elite people who have had a major impact on wrestling in Boyertown.

A committee established the criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame. Wrestling alumni, past coaches and any interested person can be a member of this committee. Induction will occur every other year beginning with the 1991 year. To be eligible for nomination a wrestler must be out of the program at least five years. The ballot will contain a maximum of ten nominees with at least one representative from each fifteen year period in Boyertown wrestling history. People outside of wrestling that made a major contribution to the program will be recommended by the committee.

Boyertown wrestling alumni, past and present coaches and BAWA members are allowed to vote. Each person may vote for a maximum of three nominees with the top two being inducted. Any other nominee receiving fifty percent or more of the votes will qualify for induction.

Inductees receive an individual plaque and their names placed on a large displayed in the senior high showcase. The Boyertown Wrestling Parents Association will finance all awards for the Hall of Fame.

CLASS OF 2021: On Saturday evening, January 29th before the Bears take on Daniel Boone, the 3 newest members of the Boyertown Wrestling Hall of Fame will be inducted! The Class of 2021 will be Mike Freedman, Wendy Miller, and Pete Ventresca. Congratulations!

The next ballot will be during the 2022-2023 season. The committee would like to have as many people get involved in the nomination and voting process as possible. Anyone interested in becoming involved with the Hall of Fame should contact John Cooley, Senior High Assistant Coach.

Hall of Fame Members

Brian Bealer (1995)
Dale Bonney (2001)
Zach Brower (2015)
Nick Bruns (1990)
Brian Burychka (1997)
Mike Burychka (1999)
John Cooley (2011)
Tim Cooley (1997)
Roy Cubbler (1990)
Jim Davidheiser (2015)
Kurt Davidheiser (1993)
Jesse DeWan (2013)
Troy Eagle (2019)
Mark Fluharty (1995)
Mike Freedman (2021)

John Gemberling (2013)
Todd Hallman (1999)
Bruce Hallman (2005)
Brian Heacock (2001)
Diane Heffner (2019)
Donnie Heimbach (2009)
Aaron Hoffman (2007)
Randy Hunter (1990)
Nick Hyatt (2015)
Dana Jones (2003)
Tom Kniezewski (2007)
Mike Lunn (1991)
Matt Malfaro (2019)
Jerome Merkel (1991)
Wendy Miller (2021)

Zack Miller (2003)
Jeremy Minich (2017)
Kevin Mitchell (1990)
Jody Munch (1990)
Alex Pellicciotti (2017)
Mike Reish (2005)
Ralph Reish (2019)
William Richardson (1993)
Fred Rodgers (2013)
Brendan Rome (2005)
Derick Schoenly (2009)
Jeff Sloan (1999)
Mike Spaid (2011)
Will Stout (1991)
Pete Ventresca (2021)

Year in parenthesis is year of induction

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